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Up Kerry, Imelda May and Listowel Races 2014

Loving Listowel Races Photography Competition

There I am among the finalists. As you can see, I did not win. The competition was won by John Kelliher, an excellent photographer and a great friend of Listowel Connection. John won with a lovely study of a countryman at the races.

Here are my 2 which were short listed:

Love at the races

Throw me down something


Stacks of Stacks

 In the Listowel Arms on Saturday night, a group of Damien Stack's extended Stack family who were on a visit "home" met up with Anne Dillon, nee Stack of Listowel.


Gneeveguuilla N.S. showing support

(Source: The Little Memory Gallery on Facebook)

The boys and girls of Dromclough N.S. recorded a song of encouragement to local man, Eamon Fitzmaurice and the Kerry team


Teddy and Sinead, G.A.A. stalwarts

Duagh GAA


You have to love Imelda May

Imelda May posted this photo of her "bag explosion" before her gig. You'll be surprised to hear that she doesn't have a style team looking after her. She needs one.

Listowel Races, an Athea artist and Cork win the All Ireland Camogie Final

Monday, September 15 2014

Guess where I will be this afternoon ?
No prizes for guessing the answer.


I might win a prize because I have been chosen as one of the finalists in the Loving Listowel Races Photography Competition.  The winners will be announced at 4.30p.m. today by Mr. John Maguire, Chairman of Listowel Race Company.
Watch this space!


They did it!

The Cork Camogie team, helped by their Listowel born physiotherapist, Aoife MacMahon, were far and away the better team in yesterday's All Ireland Final. They won by a comfortable margin in the end even though they got off to a shakey start and found themselves on the receiving end of a few licks from the Cats.

(photo: The Examiner)

Anna Geary, the Cork captain, was this year's Cork entrant in The Rose of Tralee


A Brush with history

This is the writing on the paper bag containing the brush pictured below. My friend found it among her family treasures. The writer claims that the brush was purchased around 1863.

The brush is about 16 inches long. Any idea of its purpose?


Big Wheel in full swing


Athea mural coming along nicely

Snapped on the street in Athea, Co. Limerick last week; the artist, Jim Dunn at work on his forge mural. It is worth a trip to Athea just to marvel at the work of this extraordinarily talented artist.


Getting behind the team


A Listowel physio, Australia and WW1and Listowel Pitch and Putt

Listowel's Physiotherapist to champions

This is Aoife MacMahon who has  just returned from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow when she was volunteering as a physio in the boxing arena for the games. She is holding the medal won by Irish boxer, Michael Conlon.

Aoife with Paddy Barnes at the Commonwealth Games.

Aoife is also Physiotherapist to the very successful Cork Camogie team. They will play Kilkenny in the All Ireland Camogie Final on Sunday Sept 14 2014. Even though Aoife is based in Cork, her heart is always with Kerry so, between working and supporting, Aoife has had a very busy summer.


Australian Forces in WW1 …...a Listowel connection


Dublin City in the rare ould times

Dublin 1946


Headline Copy

If you are my age or older you will remember a pen with a nib, a bottle of ink and a headline copy. Joined up writing in those days was a tricky business and very hard to master. They have it soft nowadays.

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
 I must have written this headline hundreds of times.
Because it contains all the letters of the alphabet and so was great practice for headline writing.


Pitch and Putt

I walked through the park last Sunday early in the morning and I couldn't help but notice how the pitch and putt course looked in excellent shape. I think there must have been a competition on and the course was a credit to the hard work of the local committee.


Something for the weekend

A leisure cycle on Saturday

The Races on Sunday


For the class of '94

For the ladies gathering for their class reunion this weekend here is a picture of one of your old teachers as you have never seen her.
Yes, she can milk a goat... one of her many hidden talents.

Listowel Races, the 2014 All Ireland Football Final

Ballybunion Sunset

Another stunning sunset captured by Mike Enright



Happy members of the Listowel Tidy Town Committee who travelled to Dublin to collect their 7th gold medal.


Lots to look forward to

Only a few more days wait and we will be off on our annual pilgrimage to The Island.

Tuesday's mass seems to be working


John R.'s has this salutary warning in the window

A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time…..too true!

And then….

 The bunting is up for the All Ireland Football Final.

Craftshop na Méar has favors, hats and mascots in Kerry colours

 Shops and businesses are getting behind the team.


Lest we forget

Today is Sept 11th


To get you in the mood for next week, here is John B. Keane on The Late Late Show talking to Gay Byrne about Listowel Races

Dingle, The Advertiser, Blackberries and Convent Cross junction

Beautiful Dingle

Sunrise in Dingle and the dolphin who just keeps on giving from  Fungie Forever


Denis Walsh on the mend

Denis is the very popular CEO of The Advertiser and captain of the Emmetts football team.  He was injured recently in an accidental fall.

Denis runs the weekly Advertiser almost singlehandedly from his headquarters in Bridge Road.

Denis' friends have rallied round in this crisis.  Listowel Printing Works are looking after the production side of Denis' operation and his Emmetts friends are helping with distribution.

The news from the hospital is all positive. All of North Kerry is wishing Denis well and he is regularly remembered in  prayers at mass. We all look forward to seeing him fit and well and back at his desk very soon.



These bicycles were parked here last week locked to the railing and completely blocking wheelchair access to this path on Library Rd. There is no footpath at the other other side of this road.


Blackberry Picking

Late August, given heavy rain and sun
For a full week, the blackberries would ripen.

At first, just one, a glossy purple clot
Among others, red, green, hard as a knot.
You ate that first one and its flesh was sweet
Like thickened wine: summer's blood was in it
Leaving stains upon the tongue and lust for
Picking. ...

(Seamus Heaney)

I recently spent a happy afternoon blackberry picking with my family in Ballincollig. All the scratches and scrapes were worth it.


Convent Cross

Big changes are underway at this junction. The low wall is gone and the road is being widened just in time for the Races

Tralee to Dingle line, Granny and Lynch's café

Another Gold

Listowel has once again achieved a gold medal in the Tidy Town Competition…well deserved.


Tralee Railway station

This old photo was posted on the internet by Tralee and surrounding areas Historical Society. It shows the signal box and the gates. The buildings in the background and that section of the line are all now gone. Most of that area is road, Sean Mhuileann apartment complex and Dunnes Stores.

Start of the old Tralee Dingle line ,,,,, to put this photo into prospective, forget about how you think about the railway today, this part of the line is long since gone , This is taken from the platform of the old station , on what is now North Circular Road, (main entrance to Dunnes) in the background is Latchfords mill, (which still stands today) as so does the old station house, which is now Eleanors florists and Hogans funeral home. Take a close look next time you pass and you can clearly see the original stone station house.

(Photos and text from Hstorical Tralee)


Granny in Limerick Sept 4 2014

If you didn't get to see this dramatic spectacle, here is a link to an amateur video of the event:


Postscript re Collopy's Hotel

From Paul Corridan in Killarney comes this addendum to yesterday's story about the house where Jimmy Deenihan now has his constituency office;

"In todays edition you mention Collopys  Hotel.
This was run by a young couple James & Deborah Collopy from about 1860.
I think they had five children ( 2 boys & 3 Girls )before Mr Collopy died at a young age.
A great Granduncle of mine  Maurice Corridan,  then married the widow Collopy in February 1871.
The Pub then for a while became known as Collopy Corridans. Maurice died age 45 in 1879.
The Margaret referred to by Joan Hayes was the youngest of these girls."



 Lynch's new decor adds a continental flavour to The Small Square.

Casa Mia, Allos, Collopy's Corner and Listowel's world class equine photography

The Ever Changing Face of Listowel

Casa Mia

Allos Bistro


WW1 and the Creagh Family of Listowel

From Kerry's Eye


Jimmy Deenihan's constituency office occupies a building in a corner of Listowel Town Square. I photographed it this week as a result of an email I received from Joan Hayes;

"I came across the Gleasure letters by chance when googling my relatives recently and then came across your blog. My grandfather, Harry Smith and great aunt Myra Smith are mentioned in the letters. They were relatives of the Behans who owned the pub/hotel (I'm not sure exactly what) next door to the Gleasures. My greatgrandmother was Margaret Collopy and the Collopys were there originally. Her sister married a Behan, hence the name change.  know it burned down later.
I live in Dublin and we have no Kerry connections that I know of now.

Keep up the good work"

I looked up Vincent Carmody's excellent Listowel; Snapshots of an Irish Market Town and this is what I learned about Joan's ancestors:


World Class photographer 

This photograph by Pat Healy of Healyracing, Listowel has taken on a life of its own on the internet, with photographers far and wide admiring and sharing it.

The details: The horse is Arbitrageur, the jockey Johnny King, the groom Aidan Wall, and the track  Laytown. This dramatic shot was captured by Pat Healy of Healyracing and printed in the Irish Independent.

By the way everyone is fine.


Kick for The Kingdom

The pupils of Pres. Listowel TY class join the "Kick for The Kingdom" challenge in aid of cancer research;

Xistance Mural, Friday Market and a few Listowel changes

Listowel Tidy Town Committee and Existance Youth Café have done a great job on the mural on the wall on the lane beside St. Patrick's Hall

Great work; Well done all involved.


At the Friday Market

Pat and Maurice Hannon and some of their girls

These musicians were contributing to the buzz in the Square on Market Day


The Cinema

Listowel Fitness Centre

Tom O'Connell, builder, E.J. Stack's then and now, and a story of a Blasket connection

Picture of a hard working man

This is Tom O'Connell hard at work this week. It's not all work and no play for Tom though, I took the below picture when I met him out walking his dog in Listowel Town Park in 2009.


Then and Now

E. J. Stack;  The Arcade

(photo: Damien Stack)



Listowel connection with the Blasket Islands

A story from this week's Kerry's Eye

This is one of the photographs on display in Saint John's as part  of the exhibition of photos depicting life on the islands. Below is an account of the Listowel connection.


Flowerbed on Convent St.

New sacristan, James O'Carroll and WW1 and grandchildren in France

Film Crew at work in Ballybunion yesterday

(photo: The Mixing Bowl on Facebook)


Then and now

Dare I say it?
I prefer the old one


Ballybunion Road road works

A footpath is being made all the way from Convent Cross to the girls' primary school. The buildings you see on the left belong to the secondary school. This measure, when completed, should make the walk to school a lot safer for some girls.


Our new sacristan

This is St. Mary's new sacristan pictured with Canon Declan O'Connor at a recent wedding. She is Helen Moylan, a counsellor, a nurse, a super volunteer, a carer, a wonderful cook, a singer, the best and most generous neighbour and an all round good egg. In case you haven't guessed it already, she is also my great friend, trusted confidante and best buddy. I wish her many happy years in her new post.


Two  WW1 stories from Kerrys' Eye



Reality Bites

Sean and Killian Cogan, my two lovely boys, head out for their first day in French school. There is no uniform but Killian chose to go with the comfort of the familiar; his school tshirt from Scoil Barra in Ballincollig.

A whole new world opens for them in this French classroom with their new teacher.
Bon chance, mes petits!

Don't forget to follow their adventure on their blog

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