Letter to my grandaughter

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Letter to my granddaughter by Caroline Buckley


To my granddaughter who I hope gets to read this.  I am describing my life as a sixteen year old girl in the 21st century.


Mobile phones and social networking are two of the main things that are common among ever teenager. Mobile phones are the main rage of young people of this lifetime. Most teenagers use them everyday to text and talk to there friends. The most popular types of phones at the moment are Blackberries and iphones but there are all sorts of phones on the market today. Touch phones are also very popular these days where there are no buttons used only touching the screen. Texting is a common part of teenagers’ life where you write a message and send it to a friend; texting is cheap, quick and easy to do.


Social networking sites are very popular these days too; social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used ones today. Facebook lets you stay in contact with friends and family all over the world. You can upload photos and chat to people instantly if they are online also you can write on peoples “wall” which is basically there profile.


Where as twitter on the other hand is more about celebrities, anyone can join Twitter but you are able to follow celebrities you may like or admire.


School life:

I am currently in Transition year in Presentation Secondary School Listowel. Transition year is another year between 3rd year and 5th year where you get the opportunity to do and experience things you wouldn’t normally do in a typical school year. For example we went camping for a week in Kenmare which is in South Kerry. We take part in charity work, we do a photography course, and we participate in a gardening course and a hair and beauty course. We participate in different types of sports for a couple of weeks also. This year so far we have done Taekwan-do and are currently doing zumba dancing. It is a fun and exciting year and we are heading to Paris in February which everyone is very much excited about. There is also an academic side to Transition Year where we have classes during the week such as English, Irish, French, Maths, Home Economics, Business, Science, Computers, Career Guidance, Religion, P.E, Art and Environmental studies. We also have optional subjects where we can get a taster of subjects at leaving cert level which we might like to keep on in 5th year. Towards the end of the year we are aiming to climb two mountains: Mount Brandon and Carrauntoohil which is the highest mountain in Ireland.


My first visit to the school:

When you finish primary school you move onto secondary school where you are the baby of the school again not like in 6th class in primary school where you were consider a big girl. Towards the end of 6th class everyone who was joining the school in September had to sit an entrance exam. This was a common exam just to test your knowledge and so the school could find out what level you were at, so in September when you joined the school they would know if you were struggling at any subject and needed help. After sitting the entrance exam we got a tour of the school. At that time I had never seen the school before and to me it was massive and I thought to my self how am I going to get to know my way around the place and how will I get to know all the teachers, because this was very different from primary school where you had the same teacher for the year and were in the same room. Now we would be moving around to different classes and have different teachers for different subjects. But as you can imagine after a couple of months at the school you do get use to it and it’s like you were always there.

In school you carry a school bag where you bring your books and pencil cases or other essentials you may need for school. We use books to learn in all subjects and do class work and home work by writing.  I get a drive to school by car with my mom, who drops me at school and goes to work. School starts at 9o’clock and finishes at 4o’clock apart from Tuesdays where we get off at the earlier time of 3.15.

My school is an all girls school but currently this year the boys from St. Michaels College have started to come up for some subjects e.g.: physics, chemistry, religion and history. Some girls from the school go up to St. Michaels College also go up to their school to do agricultural science, Metal work or Woodwork. This began this year so to provide all opportunities to all students and also because of the recent recession where a lot of cutbacks have been made.


My favourite bands at the moment are One Direction, The Coronas, Rizzel Kicks and West life.

My favourite singers are Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

I am interested in sport and I play Gaelic football, basketball and do Zumba dancing also.

I have one dog called Rusty which is a fox terrier and I have had him since I was five years old.


When I hang out with friends we go to each others houses or we go to the cinema or to the local town park or go to a fast-food shop or go shopping. Every Friday there is a youth club which I am a member of. Every Friday we do different activities with our friends and other members of the club for usually two hours such as sports, movie night, games night or go bowling, go to a rugby match or go to the cinema. Also once a month there is a disco where all of the youth clubs from north kerry apart from Tralee come together and have one big disco.


I hope this is a useful


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